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CRCS Scale Day

A day of celebration and flying enjoying either by watching other flying or flying your models.

The scale day this year was a bit different while the initial plan was to run it on Sunday 2nd October, the weather prediction forced us to postpone it to the following weekend.

With the decision taken according to the weather, the club gave the go ahead to run it on Saturday 8th October.

Of course no plan can go to the letter. Once Mario and Bern (his wife) setup by the cabin we saw a car parking by the strip… That means only one thing, Mario commented with his worried face on … Soo we found out the Gliding club was using our normal strip so we had to relocate to the alternative strip.

Again Mario and Bern did a fantastic location for teas, coffee and of course the cake, yum yum…

Once everything was in place, let the fun start 🙂