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CGC are hosting a gliding competition from 17 – 25 June. This means we will suspend flying models during that time to ensure the safety of all concerned.

During the week they are planning entertainment each evening and you can see the agenda in the attached leaflet.

As part of the entertainment, a number of us have been invited to put on a model flying display with our larger models when all glider returns have been completed. This means we will have the airspace entirely to ourselves from about 6:30pm until dusk and we will fly from the main runway opposite the control tower. In addition to our usual models we have invited Laurie and Harry to fly their turbine powered Typhoons, they are really something to see!. We have met with CGC to discuss in detail how we will operate for the evening to ensure the safety of everyone. At the moment we are planning for next Saturday or Sunday but that will depend on confirmation from CGC and the weather, so I will update you later in the week.

Everyone in our club is invited to all the events throughout the week so please consider coming over to AD at some point so we can support CGC. Last year a couple of us spent the day at AD during the national gliding competition, and watched the mass launch and return of 70 gliders, it was quite an experience to be on the runway in amongst the aircraft as AD became as busy as Heathrow for an hour!