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An introduction to the CRCS

The Cotswold Radio Control Society was formed in 1959 and has been flying model aircraft at Aston Down airfield ever since.

On the airfield, the runways and an area at each side of them are used by the Cotswold Gliding Club for operating full size gliders and self launch motor glider aircraft. The majority of glider launches are done using a winch system and the gliding club also operates a glider tug. The two active runways are close to East-West and North-South and are maintained to a high standard as are the grass areas adjacent to them. For further information about the Cotswold Gliding Club check out their website:

For the CRCS to be able to fly model aircraft at the airfield, every member must be an associate member of the gliding club and the fee for this is incorporated into the club yearly subs. We are also a BMFA affiliated club and therefore we acknowledge and actively conform to all BMFA guidance regarding flight line safety etc. Every club member must hold an active membership of the BMFA paid either individually or through our club subs. Every member who flies model aircraft must also hold a CAA Operator approval and all models must be labelled with their Operator ID as detailed on the BMFA website: 

On the airfield we have two designated areas where we fly our models depending on which runway the Gliding club chooses to operate from. The safety of airborne gliders, pedestrians and vehicles on the perimeter roads is of paramount importance and therefore we adhere to strict safety procedures while flying our models. The only model types we allow to fly are propeller driven fixed wing (IC or electric), EDF’s and gliders (no turbines, helicopters, rockets, multi rotor and IC ducted fans are allowed at the airfield) and we operate a strict 400ft height limit. We have set daily operating times and we will only restrict our flying days during Gliding club competition events due to the large number of glider launches and returns. The club constitution and rules will be sent to a prospective new member when they are invited to join the club.

For people wishing to join our club who have little or no experience in flying model aircraft, we can offer training, support and advice to help them get started in the hobby, and work towards a BMFA A and B certificate of competence if they wish.

For an experienced aeromodeller, we offer an excellent facility with tarmac and grass areas for flying a full range of models of the types approved for flying on the airfield.

We are a very active and enthusiastic club with a significant number of members who are very regular flyers, and together with an onsite club hut and various events organised throughout each year, we all work towards enhancing and promoting our great hobby.

CRCS Committee.