Flying Instruction

This information relates to any members who require instruction and are not yet authorised to fly solo. Please do not attempt to fly solo before you have been cleared to do so by a club instructor. This is important in relation to safety, both for you, other members, and other users of the site. Please use the Wednesday night sessions for instruction.

It is your responsibility to organise this with an instructor, if you simply turn up on a Wednesday evening, there is no guarantee that an instructor will be present or free to help you. Instructors are happy for you to make arrangements with them beforehand, so please phone them to arrange to meet at the club at an agreed time.

The club instructors are:

Sid King, Bob Maltby, Gordon Bishop, Mario Malecki, Eric Brownbill & Jon Parker. 

Telephone numbers are in the members details section of this website. Access to this will be permitted once you are a fully paid up club member.

Instruction is not just limited to Wednesday evenings, however this should be considered as the preferred time, and will ensure that you are given preference.


Any queries please contact a Committee member for help or send a WhatsApp message. Access to WhatsApp forum granted to members only.



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