Vernon's Hurricane

After 2 years of hard work on the DB kit purchased from John Parkers vast collection, here is the finished article and it is a credit to Vernons hard work. See photos below.

Vernon said: "A huge number of club members contributed to the Hurricane and I could not possibly have managed without them all, so thank you"!

The plane flew its maiden in the capable hands of Sid, however it was a bit of a handful so Vernon was glad that he wasnt  in control! Here is the video which is from Youtube.

Due to the fact that it is very scale like, (small tail feathers etc) it will need some adjustments to help it to fly a little easier however Sid landed it safely with just a broken prop when it nosed over on landing. It is modelled on a relative of Vernon's who flew in WW2, using the squadrons markings etc and even the pilots face has been modelled on him!