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Nice site
What a nice site and a pleasure visit, especially as you're also Stroud based.

I used to live in Dartford, Kent and thoroughly enjoyed taking my daughter and dog for a walk on Dartford Heath on Saturdays and Sundays when all the remote controlled gear came out.

One problem with Dartford Heath was that it had major amounts of gorse - I mean huge high as a house, dense as ashopping centre gorse and one morning I saw this guy launch an immaculate white huge (at least 10 feet wingspan) airplane which took off then promptly dived right in the centre of the gorse. I don't think he ever got it back.

My newer kids love remote controls too - we've lost dozens of cheap Toys'r'us ones, plus there seems to be a club near Membury services (M4) where you can see people flying on a Saturday.

Posted by Roger Bowering on 18 March 2009